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For me MUNOH was a great opportunity and preparation for MUN in New York. Even though I had to be really spontaneous, e.g. writing speeches as an ambassador of Iran, I think it gave me the chance to participate more in debates.

The first day was still a little bit confusing for me but after the fun resolution we were debating in our committee I was more comfortable speaking in front of the whole committee, so that I was able to fully participate the second day. I was a Co-Submitter for the resolution on forced marriage and made two amendments to improve that resolution while we were in session with the committee. Unfortunately, one amendment failed but the other one passed. And it was really good that our resolution passed the committee and all the Co-Submitters including me were able to participate in the debate in the General Assembly.

In general MUN was real fun and interesting and I would like to participate in another conference in Europe. As I was writing my position paper I got scared that I wouldn‘t like MUN or that I would not understand the procedure of the debates. But after the first day I really enjoyed debating with the other delegates and I was glad that I was allowed to participate in the conference here in Hamburg.             (Anika B., S1)