Video Projects "Adverts"

useless-220Creating an advert for something absolutely useless - using the AIDA formula. (class 9b).


My real-life story

On a cloudy Wednesday I went to school. Suddenly I heard a thunder. And then a lightning hit a tree in front of me. The tree began to burn. I quickly took out my mobile phone to call the fire department. But because it was raining so heavily my phone got wet and exploded. I was hit by the explosion and I became powerless.


El cuento del príncipe y la chica Belén

cuento-illuÉrase una vez un rey que tenía una hija y un hijo. La madre de los chicos ya no vivía en el castillo porque la mujer se había separado del rey. Después de la separación otra mujer con su hija vivía con el rey y su familia en el castillo. La otra mujer era la madrastra del príncipe y la princesa. 


Danill Pashkoff Prize 2014

dpp2014-posterCreative Writing Contest in English | For Non-Native Speakers | Your chance to win a prize and get published!
In 2014 we will be awarding The Daniil Pashkoff Prize for the tenth time. The Prize was initiated in 2001 to commemorate Daniil Pashkoff, the first Russian student of English literature at the TU Branschweig.

Model United Nations of Hamburg

For me MUNOH was a great opportunity and preparation for MUN in New York. Even though I had to be really spontaneous, e.g. writing speeches as an ambassador of Iran, I think it gave me the chance to participate more in debates.


Report for MUNOH 2013

mun1-220With this report I want to thank all the people who enabled this experience for me.
As the delegate of India I had an important function in the debates. At the beginning I was unsure about how to start a speech or how to pose a question the right way, as it is done in the real UN.


Allemánn für Spanien – Un mercadillo humanitario

allemanEl 24 de agosto de 2013 finalmente tuvo lugar nuestro proyecto humanitario bajo el lema “Allemánn für Spanien- Flohmarkt für Freunde” lo que significa más o menos “todos por España - un mercadillo de ayuda para amigos”.


Video Reading Log

app2Reading Log for "The Giver" by Lois Lowry, Year 10


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